Abeile Med

Was born in 2017, with the goal of being an innovative and pioneering company, offering a wide range of medical services.


Abeile Med is a Mexican company created in 2017 to develop highly personalized medical services in the medical tourism and homecare sectors. At the same time, we exalt Mexican medicine and promote Mexico as one of the main tourist destinations related to medical and surgical practices.

Since the beginning of the 2010 decade, Mexico has proven itself as an excellent destination to undertake medical procedures, due both to the very high quality of our medicine, as well as the accessible prices, especially. For US residents, whose access to medical services has become limited due to the high coinsurance costs. Therefore, Abeile Med addresses with a special interest those Mexican and Latin American patients who live in the US.

In this context, Abeile Med was born, with a team led by Doctor Gabriela Clavel, who besides her medical experience, has had a close relationship of over 30 years with tourist operators in Mexico.

Our main goal is to be the highest referent for homecare and medical tourism. We are currently positioned with a wide network of specialized and subspecialized doctors, mainly in at-home care, where we provide personalized attention, completely directed at the patient and focused on an integral biopsychosocial vision.

We are your complete health solution.